TESLA Certified Repairs

Professionals Auto Body is now a TESLA Certified Collison Center!

Professionals Auto Body is proud to be a Tesla Certified Body Shop! This is a huge accomplishment, and we’re so proud to be part of the small, elite group of body shops able to repair TESLAs. Becoming a TESLA-certified body shop wasn’t easy. The process is rigorous, thorough, and expensive but worth it.

Why is being Tesla Certified important? It’s simple – Factory training, factory tools, proprietary equipment, and repair-tailored firmware downloads. Even seemingly simple repairs like replacing a headlight or bumper could require a firmware download in order for your Tesla to continue operating properly. In other words, you can’t trust just any body shop to repair your Tesla, nor is it a smart idea. This can cause more issues that you’re left to deal with. To ensure that compromises are not made on the repairs to their vehicles, Tesla also restricts the sale of many components, particularly structural parts (ones that are not bolted to the car), so that only trained and duly equipped and authorized shops may purchase them. Professionals Auto Body is now one of these shops that can get parts, OEM information, and more.

You might choose to drive a TESLA for several reasons, from its environmental footprint to its unique styling. A TESLA is like no other vehicle, and the repair process is just as unique. It simply can’t be left to any repair facility.

The team at Professionals Auto Body is thoroughly trained on equipment and procedures for the unique needs of TESLAs vehicles, and with Tesla’s direct and ongoing factory support, we’re here to get your TESLA back to like-new condition! Whether you drive the TESLA Model S, Model X, Model 3, or Model Y, the experts at Professionals Auto Body understand your vehicle and the unique methods required to restore it to its pre-accident condition.

Why is Professionals Auto Body a good fit for TESLA owners? We only repair vehicles by the manufacturer’s guidelines! This means we repair TESLAs correctly – each TESLA is repaired just like when made in the factory. You can be assured that no corners are cut. At Professionals Auto Body, we incorporated a unique system to keep the repair process flowing to ensure vehicles are back on the road in a timely fashion. We provide old-time service and take pride in each job.

Our customers are our #1 priority. At Professionals Auto Body, we have a 99.36% satisfaction rating.

At Professionals Auto Body, we guarantee a color match, find and fix all damage, follow TESLA OEM procedures, consistently update customers with the progress, and provide each customer with a written warranty for as long as they own their TESLA and have trained/certified technicians. Where else will you find this kind of service?!

We’re located in Central Pennsylvania but have repaired TESLAs from all over Pennsylvania. We’ve had Tesla owners even come from Maryland, New York, and New Jersey! Why? Because of our reputation for high-quality, OEM factory repairs which are something you won’t find anywhere else.

Research a shop you feel comfortable with, ask questions, and know that you will get a safe, proper repair with the shop you choose! Ask for a tour of the shop too – you can tell a lot about a shop from how they represent themselves. Dirty, disorganized shops are likely not the shop you want working on your TESLA. You DON’T have to go to a shop your insurance company wants you to go to. That’s never in your best interest. Watch the video below to see what kind of repairs this Tesla owner received from another shop. This type of work is not what you will get at Professionals Auto Body.

Want to see what we’re all about? TESLA owners are welcome to stop by our Duncansville location to check out our facility and get to know our staff! We would love to give you a tour so you can see how we’re different from other body shops. Before you choose a body shop for repairs, we encourage you to take time to see the differences in body shops and ask questions. You will quickly see that not all body shops are the same!

For our official certified listing on the Tesla website, click on the page below:

Check out some of the TESLAs we’ve repaired!

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