Tesla Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical Repairs For Tesla

Professionals Auto Body handles collision repairs but what if my Tesla needs mechanical repairs? Good news! KarPro Tire and Auto Center is our sister company and is attached and located on the side of Professionals Auto Body! This means if your Tesla is in for collision repairs and/or needs mechanical repairs, it never has to leave our care or our facility! Every aspect of the repair is done under one roof, including windshield installation. Being able to handle every aspect of the repair at one place is a good thing for Tesla owners! Not only does your Tesla not have to leave our location, it allows our trained, Tesla certified technicians to be the ONLY people to handle your Tesla. Having to send your Tesla to another shop for mechanical work could not only delay the process, your Tesla could also be damaged, or not be repaired properly or per Tesla procedures. Our unique system allows vehicles to go through the repair process in a timely manner.

Does KarPro Tire and Auto Center provide routine maintenance for Tesla’s? Yes! If your Tesla needs tires, tire alignment, brakes, state inspection, suspension, or any other routine maintenance, KarPro Tire and Auto Center is able, trained, and equipped to handle all mechanical related repairs.

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