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KarPro Sister Company of Professionals Auto Body was formed over forty-three years in the service business. Understanding not just car repairs but how to make your car repair easy, affordable, and most of all, convenient and fast.

Ron Perretta and his staff have been doing the same thing for almost forty years in the collision repair business, with a flawless reputation for high-quality repairs and untouchable service. We understand automobiles like no other service shop. When others are playing trial and error, KarPro knows the answers. It comes with a wealth of experience in all phases of repairing today’s vehicles and understands the advancements in technology that vehicles are built with.

So if you think you deserve specialization, you are looking in the right place.

Computerized OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) scans and calibrations:

ScannerThese are the newest and most advanced scanners available. It plugs into most vehicle computer systems and will help us diagnose malfunctions and correct the issue. Today’s vehicles are more finicky than ever; just changing a tire or having low air pressure causes lights to come on in your dash. We have the equipment to fix these problems, but it takes more than these tools. We also have people who understand how to use them.

Suspension Alignment:

Alignments today are different than in the past, and of course, so are suspension designs. When a typical alignment was done, the toe angle was set, and your alignment was considered done.

Today, our new equipment shows and allows us to make more adjustments than conventional alignment equipment and helps curb tire and suspension wear, helps fuel economy and of course, makes your ride better and smoother. Keep in mind competitive pricing with increased value!

Road Force Tire Balancing and Changer:

Road ForceThis tire balancing equipment is what I call red dot accurate. Here’s what I mean. Typical balancing equipment will balance tires horizontally, but you still feel vibrations or rumbling. With our equipment, it balances horizontally and vertically but not just the tire. It does the tire and wheel and balances with the force on the tire as if it was on the road. The laser allows us to place weights behind spoked wheels, so they are not visible. If you have low-profile tires, custom wheels, and tires up to 32″ high 18″ wide, aluminum wheels, or just want to have a better ride, this is the way to go. You can’t imagine the difference!

Remember, when we change an aluminum wheel and tire, a wheel is never marked or damaged because of metal equipment against the aluminum.


Having mechanical repairs done today can be intimidating and to some caught up in scams, but it’s not always the case some repair facilities just don’t have the equipment and the knowledge to keep up with the technology being used on late model vehicles. You never have to be concerned when using Professionals Auto Body or our sister company, KarPro Tire and Auto Center.

Watch this video to be more educated on what to look for when scammed.

Here are some reviews from our customers:

“KarPro ALWAYS does great work, and it’s nice to know that I can trust them to do the job correctly. It was a big help being able to use a loaner car to get to work today while they fixed mine & the best part was, it was FREE!” -Stephanie Lamca

“Mechanics are reliable and honest. Prices are very fair and reasonable. Quick work done well. I have always been pleased with their work.” -Erin Urness.

“Exceeds expectations! Top-notch work, incredible people, wonderful!!!!!!!!” -Rose Mitchell

“Thank you Barb for your AMAZING customer service in helping with the warranty on the not-so-amazing used car we purchased! You are very much appreciated for taking my many calls and working tirelessly to get the job done! If that wasn’t enough, the car looked brand new inside and out when we picked it up.
5 Stars goes to Kar Pro and to Barb! Thank you…” -Michelle Morris McKerinan

“I happened to hear a problem with my brakes. I stopped in cold call, and Barb was so helpful! They got me in immediately; their mechanic examined the problem, gave me a quote & fixed my car right away. KarPro has always taken such good care of my family! I couldn’t appreciate a local shop anymore!! -Todd Negola


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