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Although strong enough to withstand the ferocity of everyday driving, windshields can still be damaged. Rocks, road debris, or even in an accident; windshields can crack or damage and will only get worse if left unchecked.

Fortunately, we have you covered. GlasPros has been repairing windshields and replacing auto glass for more than 40 years and has serviced thousands of customers each year.


The original manufacturer of your vehicle does not recommend using knockoff windshields as the Big Box glass place does. People experience vision problems, headaches, and wavey glass with knockoff windshields. At GlassPros you have choices.

Using knockoff windshields means calibrating the technology can cause accuracy problems.

What is an ADAS Camera?

Most new cars sold today are equipped with one or more ADAS features. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems use a series of sensors, cameras, and other equipment to help drivers avoid hazards on the road. ADAS technology has been around for a long time—a standard feature today, anti-lock brakes were among the early ADAS functions. Today’s ADAS technology can include innovations such as lane-change assistance, blind-spot monitoring, collision warnings, automatic braking, and more.

ADAS cameras often mount to the windshield where they detect road hazards, other vehicles, pedestrians, lane lines, and other obstacles, which the system’s software analyzes in real-time. Both factory-equipped and after-market ADAS systems can respond to this data in several ways depending on the features involved. For example, suppose an ADAS camera captures a car stopping short ahead. In that case, the system might signal a warning to alert the driver or automatically brake to avoid a collision, depending on the system’s components and features.


Our Promise:

~ We promise that only certified technicians will provide quality repairs to your vehicle. Our technicians use only the top of line tools, parts, and materials.

~ We promise that your vehicle will be fully protected when we perform repairs.

~ We promise that when we are done with repairs, the interior and exterior of the windshield or windows will be spotless.

~ We promise that after repairs have been completed, your vehicle’s interior will be completely clean of all debris, broken glass, and any other materials left over from repairs.

~ We promise that we will provide a lifetime warranty on all repairs and materials for as long as you own the vehicle.

To find out more about our windshield and auto glass repair services, contact one of our locations or send us an email!

Not having glass installed properly could result in a tragedy! Click on the short video below to see why.

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