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Scams and Rip Off Videos

Progressive customer talking about how he was treated when turning his claim in.


Below this consumer certainly had no idea of the shoddy repair that was covered up with plastic trim panels. Listening to your agent or claims people isn’t in the customer’s best interest? Who do you suspect would benefit?

Nationwide Blue Ribbon Special!!!  Click on pictures for large view.

Nationwide Blue Ribbon Shop RepairsNationwide Blue Ribbon Shop RepairsNationwide Blue Ribbon Shop Repairs

This just dismantled 06 Honda Element from rear end collision had been recently repaired at a “Nationwide Blue Ribbon Shop”.  It had been steered to the shop and informed how awesome their work product was. Whoops……….   This is how quarter panel replacement was butchered. Maybe Nationwide doesn’t pay for burn damage repair to adjacent panels.

Unfortunately, there are Insurance Companies we have to deal with.  They are constantly attempting to steer customers into their Direct Repair Shops.


The risks of texting while driving are significant.  Potential injury to yourself or others is significant.  It may also be a crime to text while driving.   More and more laws are being proposed and passed that ban texting while driving.  The consequences, from an injury and legal perspective, can be severe!  DO NOT TEXT WHILE DRIVING!





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