Insurance Road Blocks

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Even with insurance company roadblocks being put in front of us and you when we help handle a claim for our customer, Professionals Auto Body’s performance is still better. For example, most shops take a long time to repair vehicles; we hear cars sit for weeks, sometimes months, for minor repairs. We can only imagine how long they sit on larger repairs. Professionals Auto Body’s system and processes allow for fast, accurate repairs; the hold-up will be the insurance company delaying the claim. They are known to do this deliberately! In addition, the average shop’s customer satisfaction rating is 86%; Professionals Auto Body’s is consistently 99%.

Team up with us, and let us guide you through the process. Let us help you with dealing with the insurance company. Don’t let anyone bully you or lie to you. You are the customer, so you choose who does your repairs and who you buy insurance from. If they try to take your right to choose from you, make another choice when your policy is up for renewal.

  • Remember, they are just using scripts to steer you to where they want the repairs done. You do not have to go along with them because it’s not easier, it’s not better, it’s not faster. You also don’t need a warranty from the insurance company; Professionals Auto Body gives a written warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

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