We’re A Certified Shop

What it takes to be an OEM Certified Collision Center is:

  • Investing in ongoing training.
  • Investing and using required OEM updated equipment.
  • Ongoing facility inspections.
  • Not using junkyard parts.
  • Not using knockoff parts.
  • Repairing vehicles to OEM specification.
  • Having certified welders on staff.   


We’re trained to do certified repairs! At Professionals Auto Body, we repair all vehicles by the manufacturer recommendations. This mean your vehicle is repaired the way the manufacturer wants them to repaired, including all OEM parts. We find and fix all damage and will NEVER cut corners to ensure you get a safe, proper repair.

As a certified shop, we make sure all damage is found and repaired. Other shops skimp on repairs and cut corners, which can cause major issues if the vehicle is in another accident. At PAB, we make sure that you and your family are safe when your vehicle is put back on the road. Watch the videos below and see what could happen is you choose to use a contracted, DRP repair shop.


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