How we’re different

We’re different because we work for you and do what’s best for you, not what the insurance company wants.

Other shops in our area are insurance discounted contracted DRP shops. This means these shops repair vehicles the way insurance companies want them to be repaired, only to keep costs down along with quality. This can create huge issues that the customer is left to deal with.

These insurance contracted shops in their agreements with the insurance people are not allowed to tell you about poor quality parts and materials, and that OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards will not be followed. Listen to our audio clips on DRP shops and claims handling, click on


We don’t use junkyard that are removed from cars that were damaged in accidents or knockoff parts made from companies that are not affiliated with the manufacture of your car.

Here at PAB we will not cut corners, we repair only to OEM standards (original equipment manufacturer).  

Training is consistently happening here at PAB, as cars change keeping up with the technology and repair methods will keep you from dealing with problems caused by a poor repair. We have certified welding technicians, that understand the different types of mental so that after new panels have been welded in place you have no worries weather in another accident your vehicle will sustain damages and collapse as the manufacture designed it.



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