Choose the right Insurance. Company

How to choose the right insurance company.

Is Direct Repair “DRP” Good for You? “How it started”

First let me give you the history of Direct Repair. It started out to be a very consumer-oriented program back in 1977-78. Allstate Insurance Company was one of the first to implement a direct Repair Program with a body shop. The idea was to differentiate themselves from their competitors by making the claims process for the consumer easier. Back then many shops didn’t have the proper equipment. Service wasn’t even talked about, so picking a shop to be on this program was easy. All the insurance company wanted, so they say, was to be able to service the customer better and offer a program that no other insurance company could offer. It also cut costs by having the body shop handle the claim, thereby eliminating insurance staff. It was good for the customer, the body shop and the insurance company. But it didn’t stay that way for long. Click here to listen to the rest of the story.


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