Choose the right Agent

Choosing the right insurance agent can be confusing; you can’t turn the TV on, listen to the radio or drive by a billboard without a commercial on the next gimmick from an insurance company. With this in mind, listen to this short clip, we hope this information is informative and helps you make better decisions.

All agents are not the same just like body shops or insurance companies. Some agents care about their customers but many times the way they conduct their business is dictated by the insurance company. A good agent will agree with this information, a bad one will be defensive and angered with this opinion.

If this clip has helped, click on this link to more very informative clips and videos. This information is so that you’re more informed to dealing with an automobile claim today. The more you’re aware of how the process works and some people do business the better you are at making decisions that allow you to get what you expect and deserve. We say “just what’s fair”!  Isn’t that what you want?

Somethimes things are not what they appear to be.

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