Want Peace of Mind

Helping you handling all the paperwork is a specialty. You’re never in the dark when having repairs done. Daily progress reports are your option.

You can insist on Professionals Auto Body when dealing with the insurance company. Some insurance companies choose shops by price and not quality.

If you are steered by the insurance company to one of their contracted shops, you’re told you will be provided a Written Warranty by the insurance company for as long as you own your vehicle, ask for a copy before you make a decision. Dutifully it will be provided.

Professionals Auto Body Inc. provides all customers having collision repair and painting, a written warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

We use factory paint for perfect color matches and bake the finish on. New car owners can have Professionals Auto Body do their repairs without voiding any warranties.

We can provide you with a ride home when dropping your vehicle off for repairs and pick you up afterward. We have 24 hour towing and roadside services, and insisting that Professionals picks your vehicle up at the accident scene is a smart thing to do.

We are not a contracted DRP (direct repair program) for insurance companies. If you’re dealing with an insurance company that wants you to go to a shop other than Professionals, BEWARE! Just remember if you choose the shop don’t blame anyone but yourself if it’s not what you expected. It’s Your Choice.

By dialing 1-800-391-1653 you can connect to any of our locations.

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