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After listening, go to the Customer Posts Page area or Testimonials Page, and then you will know why Professionals has been voted the area’s #1 Favorite Body Shop year after year.

Caring about our customers is our number 1 concern. Click on one of the below links and hear what our customers experienced when using Professionals Auto Body’s services.

Terry Mock about State Farm and their Discounted Shop

Terry Lingenfelter on PAB picking his vehicle up, giving him updates and a great repair.

Paul Barly on going to another shop and never going back

Fred Bryan on not one repair but two he had done

Eric Wolf talks about on-time repairs and more

Montage of customer’s comments

Ralph Rhule knew right where to go

George Sultage compares PAB to an NFL Football Team

Amanda Shroyer on her experience with PAB

Todd Fortne on not being able to understand using anyone else

Debra Heaster on PAB is working around her schedule

Connie Yarner can’t say enough about the service and her repairs.

Insurance Agent Dana chooses Professionals Auto Body over the DRP shops

Erie Insurance agent Greg Solensky on “being treated like family, he wants his customers taking care of”

Susie Ndolsky on State Farm Steering and making our own choice who fixes our car

Every insurance experience isn’t this bad. This customer talks about State Farm and receives the same type of service as other customers. Professionals do a Great Job again! Fortunately, other insurance companies don’t handle customers this way!

Bonnie Adler talks about convenience and how PAB got her results by handling her claim.

Mike Baldessaro on knowing he would get peace of mind and high Quality

Mike Tremmel on the Professionalism that he’s never experienced anywhere

Mike Lattieri on friendly people, great communication, and no hassles

Steve Helsel on how he was helped, updates, quality, and peace of mind

Jonathan Masters on treated like gold, local people and great staff

Larry Moore on wonderful people, top-notch factory-like work

Stevie Rutherford on no insurance games, people were great, everything handled

Spencer Hauenstein on considerate, kind, and compassionate with great work and warranties

Deborah Wandersee says it was the best service ever. Everything is explained up front and in detailed

Butch says call Professionals before your insurance company

Randy says NO to Progressive, and he will not be bullied

Robert Kephart talks about how everyone is treated like they’re the best customer at Professionals Auto Body

Cecilia Hanes talks about the great feeling you get when you walk through the doors

Customers voted PAB the Best in Blair County

Four customers talk about PAB

Customers Talking About PAB
Several customers talking about their experience at Professionals Auto Body



Fred Bryan’s double the experience

Carl Reese on the Insurance companies drive in estimating experience

Larry Shedlock on Quality-Service and Speed, and handling of all the insurance paperwork

Joe Resig on Great service, and the insurance company isn’t going to hold his car hostage

Butch Kephart on the details

Eric Wolf on Professionalism, on-time delivery, and being updated

Terry Linginfelter highly recommending Professionals

John Brady on “living up to the name”

Denise Allison on “the only one that was helpful”

Bob Ford on “the best way to do things”

Bob Ford on “the process.”

Connie Yarner on “making it easy”

David Gildea on “attention to details.”

Ellenor Swift on “accuracy, speed, details, before time delivery.”

Gloria on “the nightmares of other shops.”



Karen Bayer on “walked through the process.”

Kelly Dumm on “getting value extras.”

kendra Gravelle on “insurance company not being cooperative.”

Kim Gentry on “dealing with the insurance company.”

Kris Holtz on “not having to do anything.”

LeeAnn Kimin on ” having insurance problems.”

Margaret Kosicki on “not having to do anything and the detail.”

Mike Ruby on “how the repairs were done”

Mike Ruby  on “coordinating everything and the details.”

Scott Dikum on “don’t let the insurance steer you to where they want repairs done.”

Scott Franco on “dealing with people who grew up in community.”

Sharon on “speed was important.”

Sharon on “wonderful communication.”

Tony Hrenko on “everyone says to go to Professionals Auto Body.”

Tony Hrenko on “giving and caring about customer’s needs and treated like family.”


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