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Posted On: Sunday, February 1, 2015

Do insurance companies really think because they can get us to pay rates that are terribly inflated that we’re stupid enough to use Body Shops “they” choose?


99% of insurance companies pick their DRP (Direct Repair) shops based on a very low set of criteria.  This Criteria is only in the best interest of the insurance company. Let’s look at the criteria, and you can judge for yourself.


Criteria # 1

Junkyard and generic parts must be used, and avoid telling the customer about it at all costs.

Professionals Auto Body will not use parts that are not in our customers best

interest. We look at crash worthiness (will the parts stand up in another

accident like the factory parts that were engineered and designed for each

vehicle) to determine what we will use on your vehicle. Click on Bad Day Videos, take a look, you will be amazed.


Criteria #2

Repair damaged parts rather than replace them. Regardless of the integrity of

the metal, the insurance companies’ body shop is required to repair parts.  They will putty them, and fill the dents with mud (putty).  None of this is a good thing for the vehicle owner. Just to prove our point, one of the largest insurance companies is in the process of requiring its shops to send out bid sheets to venders. These venders are from other towns, cities, and states and will bid on the parts needed for your repairs. This only means delays, delays, and more delays for you.  It will create more guarantees your repairs will be done when they shouldn’t be.  Their shops will increase the amount of parts they repair instead of simply replacing them.


Professionals Auto Body knows when to repair or replace.  Our decisions are not based on the insurance company and being on their lists and meeting their guidelines to stay there. Ours decisions are solely based on the integrity of the repairs. Blistering, shrinking, color dye back, and paint issues are all issues that arise from repairing damaged parts rather replacing them. PAB buys parts from venders we know.  Vendors who will take care of our customers and who meet the PAB guidelines of service. One of the reasons we are able to fix vehicles almost three times faster than our competitors (and the industry as a whole) is the over 5 million dollars worth of inventory for almost every make and model vehicle on hand.

Criteria #3

Cutting corners is a must to be on insurance company lists.  The bigger the

insurance company the more this is required in our opinion. Insurance company

body shops are required to repair vehicles to insurance company specifications. Anyone with any sense knows that if the insurance company can control how the body shop repairs the vehicles, it will do one thing and one thing only; make the insurance companies bottom line profit huge.  Why else would you have insurance company owned and controlled body shops?

Professionals Auto Body has a program that is directly tied to manufactures

specifications for each specific vehicle, for both collision and mechanical repairs. Research is preformed on vehicles we repair.  The information that is  gathered is essential, but not all body shops have access to it, not even dealers. Because of Professionals Auto Body’s owners status and reputation in the

industry, we are privileged to have access to information that all shops can’t access. This is just one more reason our customers repair and service experience is truly unique.

Criteria #4

It does not matter how unorganized, dirty and slow a shop is. Insurance company body shops are compared only to each other. As long as all of them are similar in service, speed, and the customer service it’s OK as long as everyone’s performance is bad. This way, bad is the standard. Strange but true!

Professionals Auto Body is one of the cleanest shops in the country. We have

studied and implemented clean manufacture processes from start to finish in our facilities. Our clean work environments are just a testimonial to understanding a work environment that allows our people to take pride in everything we do. People don’t realize in most shops before you get your vehicle back, the shop has redone the paint work.  Over the course of the repair they have damaged a customer’s car and repaired and painted areas that weren’t initially needed. All this does is cause excessive build up of paint and putty and problems down the road for the customer.  The customer can’t figure out why, because they had no idea this was being done. PAB’s processes allows for smooth flow of the repair.  This process virtually eliminates errors and delays. We are not perfect but our system is light years ahead of our competitors and the industry as a whole.

Criteria # 5

Communication with the consumer is almost none existent.  The insurance

companies body shops are only required to communicate with the insurance company.  Remember, the insurance company is the shops customer first and foremost. How else would the shop get any work?  They can’t service, they don’t repair to manufactures and industry standards, they’re not organized and they’re slow.  If you have ever had a repair done with PAB you will understand how differently we do business.  If you haven’t had a repair done with us before, ask someone who is a customer of ours. There are thousands all over Blair, Central, Huntingdon, and Bedford counties. If you can’t find a past customer of ours and are not convinced yet, go ahead, use someone else first.  We will be here if you need us next time.

Thank you,

Ron Perretta


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