State Farm

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State Farm Ranked Fourth Worst Insurance Company in America


Attorney John-Stacey-on-Gluing-a-Roof-On

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Susie Ndolsky on State Farm Steering and making our own choice who fixes our car

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Couple Awarded Millions In Lawsuit Against State Farm

SECRETS of State Farm Car Accident Claims Handling Exposed! Good neighbor they say?

state farm car accident claim

State Farm’s tricks and lies are nothing unusual, Google their reviews!

This is the extent that Goliath will go! This was sent to one of our customers. As soon as they received this letter they drove their vehicle to us and left it with us.

Never trust what this company & most of them say about Professionals Auto Body. They do & say the craziest things to keep people from receiving a Flawless Repair from PAB.

If it doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t ~ call us!





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