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State Farm Legal Battle Continues in May, Began in 1997

Written by John Yoswick

A federal judge in February declined to dismiss a $9 billion class action racketeering lawsuit against State Farm over the insurer’s alleged role in the election of an Illinois Supreme Court judge—setting the stage for the latest trial in a decade-long battle involving the insurer’s use of non-OEM parts.

The lawsuit claims State Farm helped secure the 2004 election of Justice Lloyd Karmeier, and that Karmeier improperly participated in the reversal of a $1 billion judgment against the insurer in 1999 in the Avery vs. State Farm class action lawsuit.

Without passing judgment on the merits of the current case, U.S. District Judge David Herndon said in rejecting State Farm’s calls for dismissal of the suit that whether or not the Avery judgment should have been overturned, the vehicle owners involved deserve to know they lost fairly.

“Plaintiffs seek to vindicate their right to be judged by a tribunal that is uncontaminated by politics,” Judge Herndon wrote.

The suit is seeking triple the damages of the Avery suit plus more than a dozen years of interest—a total of about $9 billion—for the 4.7 million vehicle owners represented in the original Avery suit. Trial is set to begin May 7.



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State Farm’s tricks and lies are nothing unusual, Google their reviews!

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